Introducing the founders of LifeXtend

This mobile app has been designed for educational and informational purposes. This is not a medical contract and does not replace consultation with a qualified physician. Every effort has been made to ensure that this mobile app is as complete and as accurate as possible, and that the information presented is correct and up-to-date. This mobile application should be considered as a guide, and not as the definitive source of information on possible pathologies depending on the lifestyle, environment, diet or genetics of each. LifeXtend has only one wish, to propose an alternative to the cure by acting before the pain appears: thanks to an active prevention to reduce and avoid predictable health risks …


« Optimizing one’s well-being involves raising awareness and actively managing one’s health capital in all aspects of one’s life: environment, nutrition, physical activity …  »

Flore - MedecinVasantha Flory is a doctor, specialist in general medicine, and registered with the council of doctors. By vocation, her advice has been a source of inspiration around the foundations of prevention, well-being and health.


« To live in good health, let us adopt a healthy, simple, conscious food, of earth and common sense, without forgetting a good dose of pleasure ! »

Helene - DieteticienneHélène Lemaire is a Dietitian / Nutritionist who has been practicing for more than 25 years, focusing on individual counseling and support. Passionate about her job, she is the author of the bestselling book « Healthy Leanness without Diet ». His indispensable expertise within the Life Xtend team was complementary with that of the other collaborators.


« Everyone has at least one form of intelligence. All you have to do is learn something new to reach the highest level »

Herve - SportifHervé Touré is a professional sportsman who has worked in France but also abroad. With more than 15 years of activity, his prowess has led him to participate in the highest international competitions. His expertise and his philosophy have been a major asset especially on all that touches on the foundations of the prophylaxis.


« Taking care of the human race is a key, healing is a duty, helping a vocation »

France - InfirmiereFrançoise T. is an active nurse who has worked for many years in different departments of « Resuscitation » and « ENT », her expertise acquired in the field was essential in the configuration of some solutions proposed by Life Xtend.